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The Mystery of an Ideal Gift -Revealed…

Gifting is the art of expression and communicating without words. A part of our upbringing and moreover so a ritual that is followed by all. Whenever we think about gifting someone, one question that bothers us is “What is an Ideal Gift?”

Well, a kaleidoscope of images from clothing, accessories, exclusive custom-made jewelry would run across your mind. People have been gifting since generations, Our history is full of such engaging and interesting stories. Lands gifted by the royals, monuments created and gifted to the favored lady of the palace and so on.

However, with time gifting trends have changed a lot. An ideal gift is no longer a piece of land or precious jewelry, it’s much more than that. Today, gifting is a thought involving a process. We think a lot before gifting to someone, would it be an ideal gift.

What has remained constant, are these questions with respect to gifting.

  • Will my gift be appreciated?
  • Would he/she find it useful?
  • What can I gift, which is useful, unique and fits my budget?
  • Would it make a difference to the receiver lifestyle?

The sender and receiver are extremely adapted to the concept of unique gifting. It is a delight and a matter of pride for the sender to gift something which is unique and appreciable. The urban generation today prefers on being innovative and add the surprise element to their gift. However, as most of you would agree It is easier said than done. Unique and creative ideas are not easy to come by.

Considering the above facts, we need a gift which is liked and is useful to the recipient. One such option is gifting of Fruits. It is true that fruits are being considered as a gift option since years. Let’s take a look at why you should gift Fruits.


Fruit baskets are truly an excellent gifting solution for many reasons, some of them mentioned below

  • They are healthy, each fruit has a specific nutritional value.
  • In every family, they are an essential part of a diet.
  • Fruits are loved by all, they rarely get wasted.
  • They are the pocket-friendly solution, ones that suit your budget.
  • Fruits express your genuine warmth and are a testimony to your warm wishes.
  • They are the ideal finger food when in hurry.
  • Fruits when gifted spread Joy and the freshness is extremely delightful to the recipient.

The list is endless when it comes benefits of fruits. We also know that it is the best thing for us and our loved ones so let’s spread the goodness of health by gifting fruits.


The above are just a few of the reasons why fruits should be considered whenever you think about gifting. can be procured as major Fruits is an age-old gifting solution which has been preferred by generations.

It is apt for every occasion to be it a Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well Soon, Thank you or just to send regards. While most of us love sweets and chocolates, it is a much healthier option to express your best wishes through healthy gifts like fruits.

In short, fruit boxes are the most healthy gift you can send your friends, family, and colleagues since fruits such as apples and oranges are not only low in calories, but are also a great natural source of vitamins, sugars, and fiber.  Additionally, fruit also contains an abundance of taste and juice.

When gifted in a nicely packed box and personal message these are pleasing to both eyes and tongue.

Fruiteway is one such application where you can order online attractive gift boxes of all time favorite, seasonal and exotic fruits. Browse through the various categories, sizes available at our website to help you initiate the way you gift.

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  1. Nice blogs, great idea of gifting, its in healthy way.

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