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Fruiteway- The Online gifting solution

The next time you want to gift someone something that is actually appreciated by the receiver, think of giving Fruits. Fruits are the ideal gifting solution when you want to gift something useful.

It is a basic and non-negotiable part of our diet in most homes. People of all age group like fruits or are compelled to eat them due to its high nutritional and vitamin presence. This is mainly due to the health conscious masses around us. From generations elders of the house have been telling the kids to eat fruits and making it a part of your daily lifestyle.

So gifting this daily essential commodity is an excellent idea. However, it is a tedious task to get this done, but not if you are opting got the Online delivery of fruits through Fruiteway.

What is Fruiteway?

Fruiteway is a gifting platform which is available as the web and mobile application tool. Through Fruiteway you can order fruits to get it delivered in Pune within 24 hours. The Fruits are freshly procured and packed in attractive boxes. The delivery team of Fruiteway delivers a box full of freshly picked fruits, for you, to your near and dear ones.

Attach a personal note/message to the gift box of your good wishes.

Thought behind Fruiteway

The concept of Fruiteway was conceived with the idea of reinventing the art of gifting. Gifts to express and communicate, no longer require an occasion, spread love, and best wishes anytime of the year.

A solution to the question “What is an ideal gift“? With an idea to help people gift healthy and useful things, Fruiteway was developed.

When Fruiteway?

Any day can be a good day to spread the goodness of health, don’t wait for a special day.

Send it to say hello to a friend or business acquaintance. Send a box of fruits post a business meeting or just send it to someone who has not been keeping well.

Send it to that health conscious regular gym going friend that you have or to someone who needs to start the healthy living. A gesture of Thank you, or a Birthday wish or an Anniversary, Best wishes and Congratulations.

Gift through Fruiteway to make every day a celebration.

From your Comfort Zone

Fruiteway is an online application you just need to select the gift, share the receiver details and relax. This can be done anywhere from your office, your home or while on the move. The team would deliver, both your gift and your best wishes. You are doing this all from your own comfort zone, no need to go to the local vendor, select fruits, pack it and get it delivered. Get a gift ordered and delivered with just a few clicks from your place.

An Excellent Corporate Gift

Gifting to clients and employees is a way to create a bonding and give a personal touch to your professional relations.

Corporate gifts have had a predominant existence of Personalized stationery, which now has become redundant and is predictable.

So the idea to gift fruit baskets is no doubt an excellent one. Whether you are thanking a client for all the work during the year or expressing appreciation to employees for their dedication, thank you fruit boxes always bring a smile. A perfect way for every employee/associate to show that you care.

Choose from a variety

Fruiteway has a variety of fruit boxes which can be bought in 3 various sizes. The types of product category are

  • All time classics- for the everyday fruits
  • Flavour of Season -for the seasonal fresh fruit
  • Exotic Fruits – for the rare ones.

Personalized Message Available

Along with your fruit box, send a small note. Write your own or select from the ones that are already present with Fruiteway. Do this to help the recipient know whom to thank for a lovely and healthy surprise. Plan it the way you want it to be done.

How Fruiteway Works

Booking a gift delivery from Fruiteway is extremely easy. Check out the below steps to see how it works.


Fruiteway online gifting solution-pick


Browse through their various products, from everyday classic to exotic and rare fruits. At Fruiteway you can find boxes of fruits to suit various taste buds. Their expert team ensures that fresh and hand-picked fruits are delivered. All you need to do is make a choice and relax.


fruiteway online gifting solution-plan


Immediate next day delivery or weeks later, plan it easily.You heard us right, you can plan your deliveries well in advance for up to a period of 1 year !!!! Plan your delivery and the team would intimate you before the scheduled delivery to reconfirm it.


fruiteway online gifting solution-pay


Secured online payment gateway via cc avenue. For scheduled delivery, the payment can be done at the time of delivery. It is extremely user-friendly and can be modified as per your requirement.


fruiteway online gifting solution-pack


While you relax, the Fruiteway team would get farm fresh products for you and perform the necessary quality checks. They would ensure that only high-quality products are delivered. Packed in impressive boxes with personalized greeting cards which promise personal touch to your gift.


fruiteway online gifting solution-grin

Wow!!! The box full of health is delivered. You would be notified via an email and SMS about the successful delivery. Do check how much happiness and health you have brought in someone’s life.

So wait no more, just start spreading love and goodness of health by login today at www.fruiteway.com


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