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The Do’s and Don’ts of ‘Get Well Soon’ Gifting

A get well soon gift is the best thing to raise the spirits of the patient. Get well soon gifts are ideal for friends, families, colleagues and acquaintances. Anyone suffering from illness or has met with an unfortunate accident or is not well due to any reason, is bound to feel happy on receipt of a thoughtful gift.

Also, it is also a testimony that you are thinking about them and wishing for their speedy recovery. Being sick is most upsetting, as it restricts you from doing daily chores and restricts you overall. In this scenario, a little bit of happiness and genuine gestures never go amiss.

However, finding an appropriate gift for someone not keeping well is a tough task. This is due to the simple fact that it is not as easy as buying a holiday season gift or birthday, anniversary gift. It requires a lot of thinking for finding an appropriate get well soon gift.

So just before you decide on a get well soon gift, do have a look at the Do’s and Don’ts

Do: Select something colorful

It is scientifically proven that colors affect the mood of humans. Some colors tend to make you happy whereas some tend to make you feel gloomy. Gloomy is one feeling that you don’t want the receiver to feel on receipt of your get well soon gift.

It is important that you don’t pick too many colors but also ensure that it is not only black and white. Ensure that it is a blend of colors with appropriate quantity. Nothing too loud but a tinge of yellow and orange is always the best bet. In case the patient is in the hospital then the colors tend to brighten the room and cheer them.

Do: A little creativity is appreciated

Are you one of those who prefer to grab a get well soon card from the nearest store, or maybe a flower bouquet? Think again next time you opt for this option. Mostly the cards go somewhere in the drawer and flowers to the bin in few days.

In such a situation ideal is to gift the all-time favored fruits in a creative way. Like the idea right, login to Fruiteway today to say such varied options. Fruiteway helps you gift healthy fruits to your near and dear ones.

Do: Attach a personalized message

Do remember to write a personal message, it gives the personal touch. When you write a note do mention something personal. A common interest, game or memory that would make him laugh should be mentioned. A light-hearted approach is bound to make him/her smile. For example, “get well soon, we need to have a match of badminton again. Let’s see who wins this time” is much better than “Hoping you a speedy recovery and get well soon”.

Do: Customize your gift

Remember though fruits are favored by all, you need to consider whom you are giving. Is it for a child, someone older, a family friend or college?

It’s of utmost importance to consider the receivers choice instead of personal preference. You should also keep in mind the health conditions of the receiver. Not all fruits can be eaten in particular for of sickness.

Let’s take a look at the Don’t

Don’t: Strive to deliver it in person

If the person you want to gift is living far away or you are not in town, then don’t wait for doing it personally. It is important that your best wishes reach on correct time. Late wishes do not communicate the genuine feelings.

Again, in this scenario, Fruiteway helps you out. You can order fruits online and get it delivered with just a few clicks.

Don’t: Think the costlier the better

Remember the saying, “Smile, it doesn’t cost anything”. That is so true when you gift a get well soon gift. Here the feelings are what matters not the cost of the gift. You should opt for a personal quirky message with your gift instead of a lavish and expensive gift.

Don’t: Wait too long to send a gift

It’s the age of technology, mostly everything is just a click away. The instant you know that someone is not well, send them your best wishes. Regardless of the time, distance and probability of them acknowledging it.

The Ideal Solution

The above Do’s and Don’ts are extremely important to consider while giving a get well soon gift. So the ideal solution to this is www.fruiteway.com. With the help of fruiteway you can gift fresh and hand-picked fruits to your near and dear ones. Get these fruits delivered in an attractive box and spread the happiness around.


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