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Did you know these Corporate Gifting etiquette?

Do you ever think if it’s appropriate to gift a prospective or existing client or maybe a colleague, and if so, what should you give? There are some things you need to consider before you decide, the major factor being your company’s policy on this. Whether this is a professional thank you gift to a client or a gift to the boss, it’s essential to maintain business etiquette at all times. Be Aware While Corporate Gifting.

If you want to celebrate a birthday or show your appreciation during the holidays, giving gifts to business associates is very sensitive, and important to follow some basic rules.

You need to make sure the gift is appropriate and follow the Do’s and Don’ts of the industry. They’re there for a reason.

In some countries, business gifts are considered inappropriate, regardless of the reason. In other countries, there are certain ways a gift must be wrapped. If you are not confident about what is acceptable, do some research on the culture to know more. Do avoid gifting without researching as this might lead you to trouble.

The most common occasions to gift in the business world include the following:

  • Celebrate a promotion, birthday, wedding, new arrival.
  • Successful delivery and completion of a project.
  • To appreciate someone for a good work done.
  • A mark of companies success and profitable year.
  • During the festive season.

Tips to select the Appropriate Gift.

Gifts chosen for a business associate or client should be creative, relevant and impersonal.

Always avoid anything too personal that may be considered as a bribe or something that may be insulting or embarrass the recipient. Intimate apparels, expensive perfume, jewelry or anything similar is a strict no.

Ideal corporate gifts can be Fruit Basket, Candy Box, flowers, scarf or tie, bags, books, Tickets to events and performances

Office Collections, Celebrations, and Showers

Gifting and celebrations should be part of every office and can be carried out in a variety of ways. Often people make a contribution so that they can collective buy a gift rather than purchasing many individual gifts.This actually allows you to buy something nice and unique rather than buying multiple small gifts.

Do remember that this is an official even and hence appropriate behavior needs to be followed. Most of the time, you’ll want the person to open the gift in front of the team.

Gifts From Managers to Employees

In most corporates, managers only gift to those who work directly with them.

If the department is large, with a dozen or more people, managers are not expected to foot the bill for gifts of everyone. However, it is considered a good team building activity for managers to have small gatherings with direct reportees.

Gifts from Employees to Managers

Ideally, employees are not expected to give gifts to their reporting managers. However, small, inexpensive items are suitable. Picture frames, coffee mugs, and books about topics of interest are ideal gifts for bosses.

An expensive gift is never appropriate for an individual employee to give to a supervisor. If in case there is such a gift exchange, it is the moral responsibility of the senior to politely refuse the same. Avoid giving anything that will put the supervisor in a bad or uncomfortable position. It may upset him or her, and that can create awkwardness or dissension in the future.

Saying Thank You for Gifts

We all know that saying Thank You is an important thing.Always acknowledge any gift you receive as soon as possible. A personal handwritten Thank You note is preferred however nowadays a WhatsApp message is also fine. The thank you note may be brief, but include something unique in each one, such as, “Thank you for the coffee mug. I’m sure you’ll see me using it every morning at the office,” or, “I appreciate the gift card to my favorite restaurant. They have the best fish platter in town.” You may hand deliver the notes or send them in the mail.

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