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A Happy Women’s Day To Us

The 8th of March is here, and suddenly people around you start reminding us females how special we are. 8th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day. It is a day to celebrate the achievement of women worldwide.

Women from all fields like political, community, and business leaders, as well as leading educators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and television personalities, gather together to celebrate this day. The known celebrities are invited to talk to women and create awareness. This is done by conducting various seminars, conferences, coffee, lunch or dinner.

Corporate houses have special arrangements for these days, they pamper the females by organizing events for them like a spa day, lunch, dinner, one-day picnic. Just do something other than the normal routine to appreciate the females around you.

How did it come into existence?

International Women’s Day (IWD) has been observed since the early 1900’s – a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies. International Women’s Day is a collective day of global celebration and a call for gender parity. No one government, NGO, charity, corporation, academic institution, women’s network or media hub is solely responsible for International Women’s Day. Many organizations declare an annual IWD theme that supports their specific agenda or cause, and some of these are adopted more widely with relevance than others.

Logo & Color

“Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”.  So the logo has to contain the Venus in it.

Internationally, purple is a color for symbolizing women. Historically the combination of purple, green and white to symbolize women’s equality originated from the Women’s Social and Political Union in the UK in 1908. Purple signifies justice and dignity. Green symbolizes hope. White represents purity but is no longer used due to ‘purity’ being a controversial concept. The introduction of the color yellow representing a ‘new dawn’ is commonly used to signify the second wave of feminism. Thus purple with green represents traditional feminism, purple with yellow represents progressive contemporary feminism.

Happy Women's day

International Women’s Day. (Image Source: google images)


More than a century later, the awareness has spread across the world.  Today, it is celebrated with enthusiasm and zeal all over the world.

Well, the world sure is a colorful and better place to be in with females. With the current trends, you might think that why do I need a day to celebrate, every day is mine. However, a century ago it was a totally different scenario. So this day is a mark towards the efforts taken by people for these reforms to come about.

So, take a break and appreciate the women around you. Gift them something interesting and unique. We are happy to share you some options to celebrate this special day, which won’t make a dent in your pocket.

  • Pamper yourself at a Spa. Get the pedicure or head massage which you were craving for so long.
  • Share a meal with your friends or colleagues. Gather your friends or colleagues and go for a team lunch enjoy the company.
  • Make time for your favorite hobby. The book, movie or activity that you were trying to do but did not get the chance to, grab it today.
  • Gift a , healthy fruit box to your friend and colleagues. Show that you genuinely care about them rather than just giving cups or flowers.
  • Take a dance lesson of any new form Zumba or anything.
  • Gossip to your heart’s content, a little gossip does not harm anyone, Right?

Start planning and gather the gang! It’s our day to paint the town.

Happy Women’s Day to all you Pretty Women out there!!!!!!!

(Content source: https://www.internationalwomensday.com/About)

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