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Did you know these unknown facts about our all time Healthy Fruits?

The Fact that “fruits are a natural source of vitamins and important to have an active lifestyle” is nothing new for anyone of us. We have grown up listening to this and abiding by it.
Each fruit have some benefits and these are known by all of us, however, these fruits also have some unknown and uncommon facts that not all of us are aware of.
Let’s take a look at these uncommon facts of our common fruits:

The Apples


The Apple

  • Apples float in water because they are 25% air.
  • An apple tree can produce up to 400 apples a year and  Apple trees can live for more than 100 years.
  • There are over 7000 different types of apples grown all over the world.
  • The Adam’s apple is so-called coz of the idea that it was created when the forbidden fruit got stuck in Adam’s throat when he swallowed it.
  • An apple is a very refreshing tonic for oily skin. It makes an excellent remedy for fine wrinkles, cracked skin, itching and inflammation.
  • Eating an apple is a more reliable method of staying awake than consuming a cup of coffee. The natural sugar in an apple is more potent than the caffeine in coffee.

The Bananas

The Banana

  • Banana is not a fruit, in reality, it is a herb
  • More than 300 banana-related accidents happened in Britain in 2001 mostly involving people slipping on skins.
  • Some horticulturists suspect that the banana was the earth’s first fruit.
  • One Banana equals 20% of your daily vitamin B6 intake.
  • Yellow fruits help keep you from getting sick.

The Strawberries

The Strawberry


  • A strawberry is not an actual berry, but a banana is.
  • An average strawberry has around 200 seeds
  • Strawberries and cashews are the only fruits that have their seeds on the outside, unlike all other fruits which have their seeds inside.
  • Strawberries are the only fruit which grows seeds on the outside.

The Watermelons

The Watermelon


  • A watermelon contains 92% water. About six percent of a watermelon is sugar. Many people like to eat watermelon in the summer because the fruit is cool and refreshing.
  • You can eat the entire fruit both inside and outside.
  • They come in 1200 different varieties.

The Oranges

The Oranges


  • Osage orange fruits are used to repel cockroaches.
  • The juiciest, most delicious oranges in the world are grown in Florida.
  • Oranges are actually modified berries.
  • The fruit came before the color.

Some more mind-boggling ones

  • Many years ago explorers used watermelons to carry water on long expeditions
  • Mangoes are the most favorite and number 1 fruit in the world.
  •  You can speed up the ripening of a pineapple by standing it upside down (on the leafy end).
  •  A study reveals avocados are the world’s most nutritious fruit
  • Research says eating grapefruit in the morning will helps to lose an average of 3.6 pounds. It also protects from diabetes.
  • Sapodilla is a uniquely tasted fruit. It had a soft brown flesh which flavors like a sweet mix of brown sugar and root beer.
  • Pineapples are berries, just like strawberries and blueberries.
  • Lychee seeds are poisonous and should not be eaten.

Fruits are a part of our daily lifestyle, something on which we emphasize a lot. It is an integral part of our diet and we should have at least one of them as a part of our daily diet. Gifting of fruits or fruit boxes on occasions is a good idea and is a sure shot winner. Fruits are appreciated by all and are a delight to the recipient. Since years fruits have been considered as the best gifting solution by our ancestors and still, it is so.





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